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DreamWeaver replacement?

Just heard about Webflow. I currently use Dreamweaver to create and manage websites for various clients.

I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement as Dreamweaver is really getting slow.

I like the idea of working on front end “drag & drop” design but wonder if I can still load an existing site and edit lines of code with Webflow.

Thank you


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Hello @losse

Nope, You can’t import sites. You can add custom code, but not websites. Hope this makes sense. I think that Webflow is better. Drag & Drop maybe sounds not so pro, but with Webflow you can’t just drop elements where you want. You need the html/css basics to use Webflow and I think you have them. Have fun!

Feel free to reach out if you need something :webflow_heart:

Maybe I used the term “import” a bit too directly. I don’t want to import directly from dreamweaver but I would like to create a new project in Weblflow and point it to a folder of html/css files… is this possible or is Webflow for new and future projects only?

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You want to host html/css files somewhere > point Webflow > load the files? Maybe I’m not understanding you right :sweat_smile: I think the answer is no. You can create a project > design/visually develop > host with Webflow or export the code.