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Dragging a column results in the entire row collapsing and entering drag-drop mode

I came across this problem while trying to re-order columns within a row, using the element hierarchy.

If you try to drag a column, rather than repositioning the column, the entire row collapses and drag-drop mode begins with the row selected.

In large layouts, particularly when the columns contain a significant amount of content, this disrupts the entire workspace, and then you have to figure out how to get the row back where it was originally, re-open the row, then the column, and look for where you were working.

I’ll create a wishlist item for the behavior I’d like to see regarding column drag-drop repositioning, and copy-paste, but I thought it’s important to raise the Row collapse & drag behavior as a bug from the designer’s standpoint.


Hi @memetican, at the moment the columns themselves cannot be reordered. I would recommend to move the content between columns instead of the columns themselves.

As to the improvements on the rows and columns, the Wishlist is a good place for that:

I hope this helps, let me know if any questions.

Thanks Dave, I’ll separate out those items as a wishlist entry, but the way the treeview collapses, selects and drags the entire row should probably be listed as a bug. That behavior is very problematic and unexpected, and it’ makes working with rows and columns very difficult except in very small portions of layouts. If you drag the wrong thing boom everything collapses and disappears and now your row is unexpectedly somewhere else in the element hierarchy.

Can we re-classify this post and I’ll create the wishlist item? I can edit my above post to focus on the problem behavior.

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