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Draggable not working in webflow

Hey all!

I’m having an issue implementing an draggable through custom code on Webflow.

The animation is the following:

The code works in jsfiddle but when I copy it into the custom code snippet in webflow, it throws a “Uncaught TypeError: $(…).draggable is not a function” error in the console.

Hoping to receive some insight as to what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance!

Welcome @Richard_Wang,

Can you share your ready only link (here’s how)

Someone did something similiar, which you can view here:

I actually just stumbled upon this and it worked. I think the issue was I was referencing a the jquery script but since webflow already has jquery the reference was messing it up).

Thank you for the reply!

Oh sweet, glad its sorted man!

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I do have another question, albeit unrelated, if you would be willing to help?

Sure, just make another post - that way if I can’t help someone might :wink:

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