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Drag multiple images from the assets into my page at once

(FYI - I’m not referring to ‘multi-image’ or CMS images)

On my webpage I need to drag multiple images at once from the assets tray into a div. I can select them in bulk to add them to a folder etc, but can’t seem to drag multiple images into the page itself.

Is there anyway to do this? I have a LOT of images and there’s no way I can individually drag them in one by one.

At this time, that is not possible in Webflow. But that would be a great suggestion for our community wishlist.

Are they stored somewhere in the site even if they’re not added to the page, where I can pull their links via javascript and add them dynamically?

Here is where one of my Asset Images is stored at WF. Your best bet may be to list an address outside of WF and put the addresses into a CMS

Thanks but that’s just one image - I’m looking to find them all at once.