Draft posts are showing on Production website

Hi there,

I have a few drafts posts saved on my CMS that are showing on the production site, even though they don’t show on the Preview mode. See images below for better understanding:

Posts saved as draft

Not showing on Preview mode

Showing on Production

I think I had that the other day briefly. Can you click on the Publish button to unfold the publishing dialog, click the “Unpublish” link on the adequate location, publish again and tell us if you’re still in trouble? Please also double check on another navigator to get rid of potential cache issues.

Hi @vincent

Thanks for your help. I’ve just tried the unpublish / publish and didn’t work. Also, I can see it in any navigator. Try yourrself if you don’t mind: http://www.programanex.com.br/blog

Any other suggestion?


Hi there, just a quick update. It seems to be ok now.