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Draft page not working when site is exported?

I noticed, that pages, which are marked as „Draft“ and which therefore aren’t present at the live site, when published to Webflow, are present and accessible, when you export the code and publish it on a third party server.
Is this a bug, an oversight or working „as designed“?

Edit: Actually I read here that this is the way it works.
Would be really fine, if draft pages could be excluded from export.

Can you explain a little bit more about the use case please?

Thank you for chiming in!
The use case is simple: I am preparing a couple of new page within a site, which need some time to be finished (as often: missing customer assets and delayed informations). Of course I don‘t want to present these pages publicly as long as they aren‘t ready.
I am aware, that these draft pages can‘t be accessed via a menu entry, but nevertheless these incomplete pages will be exported and can be accessed simply by entering their address.

Two options:

  1. Remove the pages of your exported code
  2. Use a different name/code for the pages

Plus not linking the pages at all on your website until you’re done with them.

Thank you for assistance. But I don‘t want to mess around with code – that is, why I use Webflow, and that is, why the feature of „draft“ pages exists. Sorry! :smile:

Oh no, I said code as a way for you to know the name of the page not like proper code.

Ok, I see, what you mean.
But it would be much more streamlined, if drafts wouldn’t be exported at all …
(No idea, why this isn’t the case …)

Maybe adding that as an option would be ideal for you. You can add that to the wishlist here:

Ok. I saw, that tis request already exists. so I supported it! :slight_smile:

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