Downsides of conditional visibility?

I am looking at the best way to show or hide extra information in a CMS item. All my entries have a basic set of information, but some have additional information fields that I want to display or hide on a case by case basis.

Conditional visibility would seem to be the way to go… except I’ve read that the extra information is still loaded onto the page but hidden via CSS.

I’ve read that this not only impacts page speed, but also that Google may penalize the site for “hiding” info in the background.

Does anyone have some experience/advice on this point?

If I don’t use conditional visibility, then my other options seem to be…

A) Just add/delete the data in the CMS entry since Webflow will hide non-populated fields as needed

B) Create a second CMS entry type to hold the extra data, connect that to the main CMS entry via a reference field, pull the data through to the page, and publish/unpublish the extra data entry in order to show/hide

I would go with this option

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Thank you @PixelGeek for the recommendation.