Downscaled video

I am building a page for a coming line of products and have one small problem, the background video feature downscales even a tiny video file greatly. It is a looping 3s clip that’s 2880 × 1680 (I have tried a 1080p version as well with the same result) and weighs 913 KB. When I press the button under video settings to open it in a new tab the video is crisp and clear, but in the actual page it gets downscaled a whole lot and ends up looking like 480p and is close to unusable. Any idea why it behaves this way?
Grateful for your help!

Hi @Freddie_Boston

The background video component is designed to do exactly that, downscale the video and compress it so it loads very fast. It is primarily intended to be used as a background.

If you want a high resolution video, you should host the file on another platform, and then embed it on your page.