Downloadable BibTex generated from collection fields

I’ve already tried searching for solutions to this problem here but can’t find any similar questions, so I’m hoping someone with more Webflow experience might have ideas.

I’m migrating a client’s database of academic publication references to Webflow. The db is currently running on Aigaion2 – an open source bibliography db that’s no longer actively supported.

A feature of Aigaion they want to reproduce on the new Webflow version is the ability to show a page about each Publication and then offer a downloadable BibTex file referencing that specific Publication.

I’ve already tried uploading a BibTex file, but Webflow’s asset manager won’t allow .BIB files to be uploaded. I also can’t upload such a file directly into the asset manager. I’d prefer to auto-generate the BIB download anyway because there are hundreds of Publications to migrate, pulling in Collection field data like author, title, year published etc.

I can’t find any reference anywhere on how this might be done. I’m assuming it’s going to involve some custom embedded javascript. Can you anyone think of any similar sort of script that I could adapt?

No live site available yet.

I you are going to need to serve up an asset in that format you would need to host it externally from Webflow and store a link in your Collection to reference for that item.

Hi there @webdev,

Thanks for getting back to me on this question – I’m really sorry for just spotting it today. For some reason I didn’t get a notification from the page about it.

That’s going to be beyond my skills and the scope of the project so I guess I’m going to have to find a different solution.

Thanks again!