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Download [ PDF ] Document link to open in new window? How?

When I drag the document into a webpage, the link opens up in the same browser window, how do I have it so it opens in a new window, so when they close it the last webpage they were on is in the previous tab.


Did you mean the user clicks on a pdf link instead? What do you mean by the “download” in your title?

HI @samliew
The link currently opens up a .PDF in the same window inside the page as PDF can be read in the browser [ the word.Doc’s get downloaded to download folder ] this is the experience I want the user to have, to be able to download the PDF directly to Hard Drive and not have to view it in browser.

-or- at least be able to open it in a new window


You have to set a custom attribute download="download". However you have to do this within custom code as download is a reserved attribute.

See the download button example on (if supported by browser, image downloads instead of opening in a new window).

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thxs @samliew - Is there any more help doc that would show me how to go about doing this?

Or is that webflow link a shareable one that I can go in and see the custom code and the style naming you did?