Download multiple files from File Upload

Hi, is there any way to download multiple files (at once) that have been submitted via the form upload facility? Or even better to specify a selection of files? We have about 450 submitted files and need to download the last ~50. Thanks

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Piggybacking off of this post…I’d also like to know if there is a form library. I see that files are uploaded via forms and thus the link can be retrieved in the Forms tab of our account, but is there a form library, can we access these files and view in bulk?

I’m assuming we can use Zapier and Dropbox to accomplish this (or even send back to WF to display in a gallery collection) :thinking: … Just wondering also if there’s a native way?

@gp99 @n3tworth did either of you figure this out?

Not natively. I just use Google forms with