Downgrading site from CMS to Basic is impossible?

I’ve tried to reach out to Webflow support, but got zero response for over two weeks now…

I am on the CMS plan, but no longer need it. When I try to downgrade to Basic, it tells me to “delete all existing CMS items and collections”.

I’ve tried to do that and have deleted everything relevant, but one CMS collection “Free Courses” seems undeleteable. I can’t delete it because “This collection has fields used by either a Collection List on the site or inside a Collection Page and cannot be deleted. Use the View Connections modal to easily locate and remove these connections.”

When I use “View Connections”, there are indeed 5 "Element Setting Override"s and their disconnect buttons are greyed out and say “Disconnect element setting overrides to this setting manually” when you click them. I don’t know how to do that.

I’ve completely cleared out the pages relevant to it (again you can’t actually delete them). Published, nothing seems to help.

What do I do?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you post your project’s read-only share link?

Same here! I am trying to delete CMS connections from a section of the template i am using to use the design layout without the CMS.

I deleted most connections but i still have some that are gray and the same message appears when i click “Disconnect element setting overrides to this setting manually”

What does that even mean?

Some CMS connections cannot be automatically deleted by the “remove connections” tool in the CMS. I’d guess this is due to complex dependencies like circular references or nested references where that disconnection would require other disconnections, and WF doesn’t want to risk breaking your design.

Go to those elements directly and manually disconnect them from the CMS. Rinse and repeat. When you’re done, you can delete all collections, and downgrade your plan.

Hey @jackyofalltrades — Joshua here from Webflow Support. I would be happy to look at your ticket that you’ve submitted to make sure it’s in the right inbox internally. Can you DM me your ticket number? You should have received one via email when you submitted at

Thanks, it’s #REDACTED

Thanks! I’ll send you a DM :blue_heart: