Downgrading Plan from CMS to Basic

Hi ! I am wanting to downgrade my plan and have followed instructions that Webflow give out and deleted all CMS content, but still when I am in the HOSTING TAB the green button where it should say DOWNGRADE according to the pointers given does not appear.

Am I supposed to do something else? they also talk about going into PROJECT SETTINGS and EDITOR to delete any collaborators. The only collaborator I have though is myself…

Really need to downgrade as soon as possible as dont want to continue spending on service I do not require any longer.

Any assistance much appreciated :slight_smile:

Since you are a paying customer why not reach out to support?

Here are the do it yourself references.
Delete a collection | Webflow University

Thank you Jeff - I did reach out to them but just received guide similar to what you have sent me. However, I came across another posting on the forum where somebody had similar issues and they were advised to go to SYMBOLS and delete content in there. This is not mentioned in any of the guide links and IT WORKS!!

I have now successfully downgraded!!

So anybody that is having the same issue, first delete any CMS pages you have made and to get rid of the CMS template you would have had to create, you go to Symbols and delete there. Voila!

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