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Downgrade from Business to CMS - CTA naming - will it affect the current CMS setup?

Webflow team question here :wink: #keepUpTheGreatWork

I’m currently downgrading a clients Business [ needed the ability for people to upload a file ]
to CMS [ No more need for FORM FIELD UPLOAD feature ]

…so when I go to downgrade, the wording on the button is very misleading as it reads ‘Setup CMS’ which is NOT what I want IF this is going to affect the current site and all the CMS stuff in place.

Personally, Webflow should know that I’m downgrading and should change the button CTA to ‘downgrade to CMS’

Anyhoo, @thesergie and team, I just want to make sure when I hit that button, the only thing that is going to be affected is the FORM FIELD UPLOAD will not be an accessible feature, is this correct?