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Double www in front of domain

Getting a double www on my domain. so

It says there a problem on the cname part, the A part connects fine.
I only published it and pointed my domain 5 hours ago, so understand it may just be a time thing, but from what I’ve been reading there are a few people that have gotten this same error.

Can someone help?

I don’t know if that is possible, but make sure you named your domain as “”, without the “www” in the beginning.

Select the “www.” variant of your domain, and re-publish your project to your custom domain.

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I did name it without the “www”, and the www is already set to default and im still getting the same issue

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Did you add a CNAME record to the website that purchased your domain?
If so, maybe you have “” set as CNAME, so it redirects to “”

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