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Double (empty) class / Combo Class & Custom Code / Webflow Transform Animation


I am Dev that was asked to fix a bug happening on the site. But I am having some trouble with tackling this. I do have some experience with webflow and of course always more to learn. :wave:

Double (empty) class / Combo Class
I am having issues with creating a second unique class, I am trying to fix or override a jQuery bug. And though giving a blank class to each netcall div would be a start. I’ve done this before, created double or combo classes. But for some reason, the class is being passed to all the other netcall div boxes. I see it in Dev Tools and in Webflow.

Custom Code / Webflow Transform Animation
Also, the issue I am trying to fix with jQuery is keeping the boxes from sliding out of its box when another box is clicked. I can’t seem to find the custom code anywhere to check it out and debug. I can see that the bug in the code that manages the open/close state change – it’s not scoping the selector to just the container that was clicked.

I am seeing and thinking this could be because it was created using Webflow’s transforms and effects? Where is the styling sheet saved to manipulate it on the DOM. Or I assume it’s the inline styling I am seeing.

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