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Dotted border around my links

Hi Sergey and all the team, I just wanted to tell you congratulations for the amazing update :smiley:

I just saw a small bug, maybe i am mistaken, but it would be great if you can check it out.
this is only in firefox, by the way…If i navigate to a link in my menu, if i go back to the menu, i can see a small white border around the menu item i just pressed. I have attached for you a picture of it…

Other than that all seems great :slight_smile:
Keep up the amazing work and have a great day!!

That’s the default browser style for :focus. Can you provide a published subdomain so I can see if it’s a bug we can fix?

Hello Sergie and thanks for getting back to me.
here is the published site:

by the way, the images have some problems in firefox , for some reason, i tried putting them on 100% and it didn’t work… please check the site also on firefox, and you will see what i mean. check it on the responsive view also and you will see one picture bigger than the others, and in the regular view, the four portfolio pictures are bigger than they are supposed to be. but in chrome it looks great, is there anything i forgot to do maybe?
thanks for your time :slight_smile:

It seems like this is the problem:

For the Link Block that the image is inside of change - add a width:100% or display:block to it.

That should make it render normally for both Chrome and Firefox.

I had the same issue, couldn’t fix using the above suggestion, ended up adding transparent text: “.” which caused the browser to render the block as a text link rather then an image link which removed the dotted line