Dose anyone know how to lock up the tool menu?

on the left, we have components, a navigator, pages and etc.

when I click on anything on that tools menu it disappeared after it.

like I’m on the page menu, I choose the about page and then click to contact page
the page menu disappeared so I have to click it again to choose the next page

it’s really annoying to me, so is there any method that I can hold that menu, and when I click to a new thing it doesn’t close?

At the top of that nav menu, you can pin it open, but your browser needs to be wide enough for that to take effect.

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I see that I can pin the nav menu, but the pages menu it’s chage to nav menu, is there any way to pin the pages menu too?

please if it possible let me know

For the most part when the menu is pinned, it stays open through most operations.
You’d have to read the docs for more, Webflow U has a course on how to use the designer.