Donut chart in Webflow

I watched the episode with @PixelGeek this morning but had some trouble understanding how to make the donut chart. I managed to make one my self with a different approach(I think).

Donut Chart

Here’s the designer link

The tutorial was made in hurry so be sure to contact me if there is some errors.


Hey @jorn you may find the tutorial by @AlexN very helpful in creating a donut chart in Webflow: Animated Doughnut Graph - Webflow Tips - Forum | Webflow

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Tried to follow that but still had problems :grin:

Your approach is really interesting too @jorn ! Just now saw that, nice job! :smiley: Where are you getting stuck on Alex’s tutorial?

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I tried to understand by just reading, looked at Nelson again, I also wanted it to start at the top. I don’t know where I went wrong really :grinning:

I actually started to make divs out of paper to simulate want I wanted to do :smile: