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Don't understand existing effect on our website, but need to reuse it

Fellow Webflow Community,

currently, I am working on a website for our startup.

Someone else who left our team some time ago created an effect that I would like to recreate and alter, but I don’t know where the effect comes from and how it works, i.e. how to create it.

The effect is used for hovering over the “Reach out” button at the bottom of the page. (The yellow line that appears)

Here’s the read-only link:

Here’s the link to the actual website: (for me the effect doesn’t show up in the Webflow preview mode, only on the actual site)

Would be very happy if someone explains how it works.


hi @ZenoFox,

I could not find any webflow interraction neither on that CTA exept the grow effect when the lement comes into view. However, there is a unique combo class that I suspect is being targeted by some custom css code in the header of your website setting. You might want to have a look in this css if you find a .slide-center-out class being styled on:hover Unfortunately we can’t access your css styles with your read-only link, only you can see it in your custom code setting pannel which is to be found in the image bellow (an example):

here is where you access custom css code affecting all your website:

Hope that helps,

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Yes, this helped. Thank you so much!