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Domains and removing old website

I am currently working with a non-profit organization. I want to redo there website through Webflow and pay for the hosting because they already have a custom domain with godaddy. They have a current website. that is working. I don’t know how the remove the current website then create a new website through webflow. These are the only directions I have found but it looks like these are only directions for new domains that don’t already have existing websites on them. Can anyone help me? Sorry I am not too tech savvy…

Hi @gocougs. Once you build the website in Webflow you will be able to add the Webflow information into Godaddy. If they are currently hosting it on a different server, then you will have to replace that info with Webflow’s information on Godaddy. That means you will need the login information for their Godaddy account to connect it to their custom domain.

Does that help?

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