Domain Structure on Shopify + Webflow

Hi, folks! Hope you’re all doing good. I’ve searched for this subject on the forum but found nothing conclusive on that matter.
My idea is to launch a Shopify store on, with the home, product page, checkout and etc.
BUT, we also want to use Webflow to build custom landing pages and CMS for the blog and content.
Can we do this by using subfolders in the root domain, or do we need to split it all and go for subdomains?

Technically “www” is a subdomain.
Your main website (shopify) can be
Your webflow landing page can be something like or or whatever you want to call it.

They’re treated as two distinct websites though, because each subdomain is hosted by a different company.

That’s what we are thinking about.
But, for SEO reasons, we would really like to have and to the Webflow CMS pages.
Is there a way to do that?

@jonatasmesq - Shopify does not support a reverse proxy in front of it so no this is not possible to do in this case. I have heard of working Cloudflare config (probably unsupported). You should check the shopify forums.