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Domain name question

Please pardon the remedial question from a extreme novice. I have a specific domain name (URL) I want to use for my web page. When I type that into the address bar I end up at the webflow page. While webflow looks like a outstanding service, it is not a service I need right now. Does this mean that weblow “owns” that specific URL & if I want to use it for my current web page I would need to do so via webflow?
Thank You

No. Just change your dns to pointers to a different server / provider.

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Hi @Spott, Great question - and not remedial at all! @Revolution is right, Webflow isn’t a Domain Registrar and isn’t able to “own” your domain or domain services. If you want people to visit your URL and go to a different place (other than your Webflow site) you can change your DNS settings from inside your DNS provider dashboard. Hope this helps!