Domain forwarding

Looking for the best / easiest way to forward both domains below to I need to link the new domain to one of these preexisting plans if possible. Thank you!

  1. Webflow - Paul Knakk Official

  2. Webflow - Shaker Jones

Looking for the best / easiest way to forward both domains below to I need to link the new domain to one of these preexisting plans if possible. Thank you!

  1. Webflow - Paul Knakk Official

  2. Webflow - Shaker Jones

@kn4kk - HI Paul, I am not clear on exactly what you are trying to do. You mention domain forwarding which some DNS providers support and others do not. Webflow supports binding multiple domain names to a hosted project. All non-primary domains would simply then resolve to the primary domain.

Does this answer your question? If not can you provide me with more details and I will try to help further.

Hey Jeff, I have two webflow websites / active hosting plans currently. I just purchased a third domain name ( I need to have it so that and forward to All domains are purchased through Google.

Also, If I add as an alternate domain to either of the sites that I currently have, do I have to purchase another hosting plan?

Thank you

Hi Paul, still not clear for me either.

Are you shutting down both existing sites and creating a third new one, which both of your existing domains will point to?

Whatever it is you’re planning to do with your current hosted sites, it sounds like you want a site with three domains on it-

You’d set as the primary domain name, and the other two would “forward” in that setup.

No. hosting is per site, not per domain. You can have 100 domains on the same site, and it won’t cost you any more for the site hosting.

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Hey Michael,

Sorry man…Trying to explain it the best that I can.

Yeah, I am shutting down the other two websites. I’m a musician and I rebranded…Then ran into some legal stuff with the ‘Shaker Jones’ name, so I was advised to rebrand again (to Harkland)…but I’ve already purchased the domains and hosting.

Essentially I just want anyone who visits either “” or “” to end up at the “” website. The problem is, I did not know that I could have multiple domains on a site…so the Paul Knakk site and the Shaker Jones site are on two separate hosting plans via Webflow. I can shut down Shaker Jones if need be, I’m just not sure how. I’ve seen the option to add a domain on the site and switch it to primary…which is what I wish I would’ve researched before purchasing new (separate) hosting for the shaker jones site.

Thank you!

@kn4kk - Paul, this is simple to accomplish.

Cancel the Webflow hosting for the two domains you want to resolve to This will remove the domains from those projects which will now allow you to assign them to the project. You would just add the other domains here and when done and published, visitors hitting the or will get a seamless redirect to You won’t be paying for the redirected domains since they are now assigned to the final project. You won’t need to make any DNS changes since all of these are pointed to the same Webflow IP’s already.

Just understand that this is a domain(s) redirect and will not allow for specific routing from old page URL’s to any new URL’s unless you add a specific 301 redirect. You are also telling the world that those old domains are permanently redirected. If this is not what you want to do then stop and come back to reclarify.

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Hey Jeff,

That’s exactly what I want to do. As far as projects go, in order to avoid paying for hosting again, do I add the harklandmusic domain to one of the current projects, make it the default domain, and then cancel hosting on both older domains (allowing me to add both older domains to the current project)?

Webflow does not care which project all your domains are assigned too. When you pay for a site plan that gives you the ability to handle custom domain hosting. So you could choose one of the hosted ones to keep, cancel the others and assign all or some to the hosted plan you kept.

Hi Jeff,

I think i have a similar problem, we have two domains whose sites are published in Webflow, let’s say and I need to have everyone that visits both sites to be routed to everytime.

Now I can’t handle this on the registrar’s side because already Webflow provides the same IP addresses;, and, for A records and the same CNAME records, for both these sites. How should one go about making sure all traffic to both sites is directed to just one site, ?

@Clement_T - If a site has hosting and you want to permanently redirect traffic to another separately hosted project you can use 301 redirects. This would allow you to keep the redirect project available but you have to pay for hosting.

If you assign additional domains to an existing hosted project they automatically redirect to the primary domain. Webflow handles this internally for you. In this model you only pay for one project.

If you instead need to temporarily redirect traffic from a hosted project to another hosted project you could use JavaScript to do so.

Your first sentence is confusing since you reference example2 as both a redirect source and destination, but I think I understood what you meant.