Domain Forward Is Breaking My Site On Mobile

I have a domain,, that is forwarded to a page in my webflow site,

The forward is working just fine on a desktop, however when I try the forwarded domain on mobile, the site breaks, there’s no styling and content is missing.

Try going to on mobile.

Then try going to

The forwarded domain breaks the page. However, the direct URL works just fine.

I DO have a paid hosting so forwarding should work.

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Can someone please help me!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Only

Thanks so much for posting here – that definitely sounds like weird behavior.

I tested on this end but is currently not forwarding to

After some more investigating it looks like the issue here is with the current DNS setup. Because you have SSL enabled, you should have the following DNS records:

2 A records:
@ →
@ →

1 CNAME record:
www →

This applies to both domains: and

Current setup can be viewed here: is pointing to non-SSL A records, but should be pointing to SSL records mentioned above: doesn’t appear to have any CNAM records set: appears to be pointed to two non-Webflow IP addresses: is currently pointed to the root domain:

It looks like you are using Cloudflare so you will need to set up your DNS records and then ensure each record is set it to DNS only in Cloudflare (Disable the orange cloud).

Once these changes have been made your site should appear as expected. If you have questions please feel free to reach back out here or via email at :bowing_man:

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