DOM = Webflow Navigation tab?

I’ve heard a few people using the word “DOM” – Document Object Model – to refer to the Navigation tab in Webflow. Are they the same thing?

That’s a shortcut but it’s not exactly true.

DOM is the full HTML document model, principally constituted of head and body

The Nav tab really shows the body structure only

It’s ind of important because when you read such things as “Manipulating” or “rewriting the DOM” it usually means editing the part that’s not the body. Manipulating the body is easy through CSS, JS, but the DOM, what’s in the head, the title and stuff, not so much. Depends on whole other factors.

Controlling the writing of the URL within the visit of one page is DOM manipulating. Making a transition between two HTML pages is DOM manipulating too. Two things that will be possible on a webflow site only if Webflow brings it. It’s not possible for us to be “above” a page on a Webflow hosted site.

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