Does Zapier works with the "Dropdown" option in the Webflow CMS?

Hi all,

i try to add a CMS item true Zapier but an error comes with the Dropdown field.
Before i experiment it all… does enybody has a working “Dropdown” field API with Zapier?

Many thanks for anwering…

Hi, I’m experiencing the same: it seems webflow is just skipping the “Dropdown” fields data coming from Zapier.

I think you should publish this in the wishlist: maybe it’s something that can be solved in few minutes from Webflow team in combination with Zapier team.

For better understanding to other readers, the #reference and #multireference fields in a collection, it became then a dropdown field: feeding datas from Zapier doesn’t seem to work with these specific fields, while the other fields are filled right from a Zap.

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