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Does website content in slider can cause duplicated content?

Hello everyone,

I’m building a no scroll website (one page) and I’m using the slider to change the background image (3 images).
I built the homepage first and then duplicated it under slider 1 , 2 and 3.
My question is, will it cause duplicated content?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @mymo,

Not sure what you are asking… do you want only the image to change with the slider and not the rest of the content?
what do you mean by duplicated content? each slide shows whatever is iniside it, so if its a copy of the same thing with just the background changed then thats exactly what it is…

If you only need to change the background, whether timed or on click its easier just to make a background div with an interaction and the rest of the page overlays it…

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Thank you for your comment!

I want the background image to change with that big text link so it will be like a “news feed” that is changing in the background (link + background image), all the other content should stay the same.

I’ve just duplicated the content inside those 3 sliders so i wondered if it can cause duplicated content. and if its the right way to do it.

in that case your best bet would be just to create a simple interaction that will change/slide the div (if you want the slide or fade or some other interaction) and you can have it timed or you can do it so the user can click…

I mean you can do that with the slider too I guess… but don’t copy the entire page in each slider… make the slider be the background and the page sits on top of it…and each slide only has an image and a link…

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I will do that, thanks for clarifying ! :slight_smile: