Does Webflow support check payments?

Hey everyone ,

Is there any way to enable check payments in Webflow e-commerce ?

I’ve built a Wordpress site for my client using Udesly adapter which works great, but I’m thinking to switch them to Webflow eventually, they are using PayPal, Stripe and check payments in WP and I wonder if webflow supports checks ?

Please do not suggest foxy cart, it doesn’t make any sense to pay so much on top of webflow e-commerce hosting

The short answer is no.

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Hi @radmitry.
Josh with Foxy here. Just wanted to chime in and confirm Foxy supports offline payment options. Also, when you use Foxy, you’d downgrade to a non-Webflow Ecommerce plan. No need to have both. For most use cases, Foxy + Webflow CMS is less expensive than Webflow Ecommerce alone.