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Does Webflow lite account plan allow for backups

Does the Webflow lite account plan allow you to use previous saved backups.

Thank you!

Do you mean restore backups before you upgrade to lite?
Or do you mean can you restore backups in general.
I myself don’t know the answer but thought it could to be clearer. PS I could not see your picture.
For others the free account creates backups but you can only restore the last couple or so.
Its a very bad service and isn’t shown clearly anywhere.
My guess that’s the reason for this post.

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Hey there,
I mean can I restore backups from a while ago (the free plan only allows you to restore the last 2 backups).

To clarify,
would the Webflow lite account plan let me restore backups from before the last 2 backups.

Thank you!

I doubt you will get an answer here as its very specific. You may be lucky but I would log a call with support. I hear they have been a lot faster recently.
If I had to guess I would say yes you would be able to restore else why show them.

As I said before a very poor service from webflow. They should be clearly shown as not being able to restore them before you need to, and then finding you can’t unless you pay.

Please update post for others and myself once you know so I can at least spread the word.

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I’ve sent a support ticket, I’ll keep everyone updated. Thank you!