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Does Webflow intend to expand their ecommerce capabilities?

I have been doing a lot of research into Webflow’s Ecommerce capabilities and I find it to be substantially lacking compared to competitors.

Does Webflow intend to expand its ecommerce capabilities in order to compete? Or does it intend to be more of a design and development platform for info/content only websites?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @JakinRogel, thanks for your post, the short answer is yes, there will be improvements made in Webflow ecommerce.

I would highly encourage and recommend to attend the Webflow NoCode conference in November, there will be a lot of good information on what is coming: No-Code Conference 2021 | Webflow

Beyond that, there is also the Wishlist at There on the Wishlist you can comment and vote on the top ecommerce features you would like to see updated.

I have also added your post to our product feedback category so that we can get some additional eyes from our product teams and let them know you are eager for new updates.

One other resource is the updates page which lists the various updates that Webflow has made in the past related to ecommerce: Latest updates and features | Webflow

Cheers, Dave