Does Webflow hide delivery information?

Hi guys,

I feel like I’m incredibly close to having a solution to postcode based shipping but I’m having a few issues. This is where I’m at:

  • A user clicks ‘Add to basket’ on a product
  • They view the basket modal and click to checkout with PayPal
  • The checkout-paypal page opens and I can see my shipping options, along with the customer address.
  • I query the postcode div (which I’ve applied a custom class to) to get the text string from it.
  • I log this in the console.
  • I’m then going to be conditionally showing and hiding one of the options based on if this postcode begins with ‘PR’

It seems to be stumbling at the logging in the console bit. Is this Webflow blocking this? I have it working locally and no issues at all. The Webflow version is just showing a blank log.

Here’s my read only link -