Does Webflow has this Pro Gallery?

I saw this amazing gallery, and want to know if Webflow has this kind of Pro Gallery, as I saw here:


Yes you can totally do that with a combination of grid, you can use columns for the masonry layout, tabs for the filtering and IX 2 interactions for the hover effects. This would not come as the same pre-packaged experience as Elementor though, you’ll have to create the structure yourself which takes a bit of learning. However, it’s good for understanding html structure and css styles.

OK. Thanks a lot Colibrimedia!
But I have to do it as a Collection, as my client wants to put new photos and gallery herself. Is that possible?

Yes this would work for CMS. However there’s a small limitation if you want this to be in a lightbox, you’ll have to do it in a CMS template page. But someday, an update will come for that.

When you say “CMS template page” what does that mean? Which template is that? A template I have to buy?

No this is not a template you need to buy. This refers to a cms page. In Webflow, you can add CMS on static pages but you also have CMS template page for blog post article for instance. In which you create a replicable layout hence the name template page.

This will explain better:

OK. I have done several CMS blog post pages.

Hi again ColibriMedia :blush::blush: Is there a tutorial on the web regarding this kind of Pro gallery for webflow?