Does Webflow "gzip" lottie files? what does gzip mean anyway?!

I have some lottie files on my website and they are way too big in terms of size. I was searching around the internet and I found the “gzip” thing some people were talking about. someone said he managed to compress a 1 MB lottie file to be 60 KB in size.

Thanks in advance and any help would much be appreciated.

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@Abdelhalim_Aljaml - The serving of GZIP compressed assets is handled by web server functionality if enabled on the server. You do not have any control over the hosting features with a service like Webflow. Webflow does use GZIP compression on some assets.

Using browser dev tools, you can inspect whether assets are served compressed. I have not bothered to check how Lottie files are served with Webflow since I don’t use Lottie.

Feel free to use Google or ChatGPT to gather more information.

Thanks for your reply Jeff. I checked the browser dev tools and I can see the .json files are served with their full size which is huge (we are talking in megabytes). and this is resulting in a bad experience when you scroll down and you see a blank div instead of the lottie animation.

I think the only way is to compress the files on my own or do something in After Effects :confused: