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Does Webflow Expert work for you?


Just reviewing the potential of listing on the Webflow Expert network. Was wondering if many people have had success securing work through it and what the frequency of leads were on average?

Appreciate it doesn’t take much to get involved and try it out but would like to manage expectations.


Hi Paul,

I was listed in the London location in July 2017. First few weeks was pretty quiet and I kind of lost hope, but then everything changed from the last week of July 2017.

Since then, I have secured and earned at least $5,000 every month. The most common type of jobs consists of migration from WordPress/Wix/Contentful, existing Webflow site redesign, resolving design issues due to AWOL (rogue) Webflow designers and Skype walkthroughs.

The quality of clients coming through Webflow experts is actually very good. Much better than WordPress clients who demand so much for so little.

Most common feedback from clients who chose to work with me;

  • Eye-catching portfolio

  • Positive client feedback from past projects

  • Great communication (clients take notice when you contribute in the forum :wink: )

  • Honesty (if you’re busy on a current project and feel like it’s too much to take on a second project, please be honest to the client and tell them you’re unavailable for the next week or 2. They will love that you’re in high demand which means you’re a great designer. This is exactly what I said to a client recently and he opted to wait 2 more weeks to work with me, the project was high value too!

  • Under promise, over deliver. (If your project delivery timeframe is 2 weeks, try to deliver before that and to a high standard quality).

  • Aftersales support (Many clients I’ve worked with through Webflow Experts are on a monthly retainer, I help them with whatever they need and they help back.

My tips:

  • Always ask to see the project spec and mockup designs before accepting the job.

  • After you have seen everything you need, provide a cost estimate early on otherwise you will get ‘fobbed off’, in British terms this means you will get played with. They will assume you work for $$ than $$$$.

  • Definitely draw up a proposal either on a PDF or in a webpage in Webflow, detail the project item + descriptions, timeframes, cost estimates etc.

  • For project management, communication and invoicing - I use

I wish you all the best.



Many thanks Naweed - your detailed response is appreciated.

The level of business is encouraging, especially as you are being approached for Webflow skills. I currently use Weblow for client work but have to spend energy in educating the reason why compared to a traditional designer > developer workflow.

Seems like a no-brainer :+1:


You’re very welcome, Paul.

If I’m pitching a proposal to a client outside of Webflow Experts, I always refer to this page -> - It definitely saves A LOT of time explaining.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I accept only 2 clients per month in order to provide a high-level of quality to each project. 2 weeks for each client.

All the best,


That’s really great idea to keep maintain the work quality. I like it your work system. :slight_smile:

Great insight there, thanks @nwdsha

Would you mind sharing what % of your work now comes from Webflow, and the % from external? Also, how that compared with % before webflow experts?