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Does Webflow create a low and high-res image when using @2x hiDPI?

I was wondering when creating images @2x HiDPI does Webflow create two images from the high-res image uploaded? If not is that something you guys are working on for the future? Or is that sort of capability fading away as displays are chanigng to retina?

Export your code and look into the image directories to find out :ツ

I’m sorry for the confusion, I would if I knew, of course. I’m only a mod on the forum, but not part of Webflow at all… and I haven’t dugg a lot on this particular matter.

I can chime in! We current do not but we want to create different images based on @2x setting and media queries. Including options to auto-compress images. It’s part of image optimization features we want to add that we haven’t had the chance to.