Does the contact form work when exporting site?

Hey guys. I’m currently working on a simple website, that doesn’t need to be updated in the future. So I want to just export the site, and upload the exported files to a server. Simple stuff.

But does the contact form still work then? And if not, do you know how I can make a contact form on the site, without a CMS?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Hey @NikolajHaugaard

Yes it does. Just make sure not to modify the code in a way that affects the form outside Webflow.

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Awesome! Thanks @AlexManyeki

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You must not delete the project from your site as well, and you are subject to lower free form submission limits per month without a hosting plan.

As a follow up, if the site is exported and hosted elsewhere, where will the data be captured if the client doesn’t have access to Webflow?

Please can you let me know what the monthly form submission limits would be if the site is exported as can’t seem to find this info anywhere?


If you delete the project without setting an alternative form action, the form data doesn’t go anywhere.

It’s linked on my profile.

Also, feel free to contact me for further code help and/or customization of third-party plugins

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