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Does some knows a way to track abandonment/completion rate on a webflow form per field?

Hello Guys,

I am doing a lead form for my business and will like to know if any of you knows maybe a javascript? (or easier way if posssible… :smile: ) way to track the abandonment/completion rate per question field on a form (for example: number forms started vs completed, number of visualizations of a question(is a multi step form using a webflow slider), and most important abandonment rate (percentage or number) for a given question).

Just to better evaluate the engagement and optimize the question structures and such for measuring marketing more strategically.

Let me know if you have any info or resource! please I am mostly a designer/marketer but could try and get ‘dirty’ trying to figure out a code example maybe if you have some that might be useful.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


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