Does Rich Text field in CMS collection have any characters limit?


I’ve been trying to paste a large amount of text into a Rich Text field in my Webflow CMS collection, but I keep encountering an error. I suspect that the field has a character limit imposed on it. Could someone please confirm if there is a character limit for Rich Text fields in Webflow?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to work around this limitation, if it exists. Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Krzysiek_Piekarz, yes there’s a 50k character limit to how much content you can add to a rich text field.

One workaround I tried was to add the content inside a js file, embed it via Slater and run a function to replace a div I added inside with my content.

It works but it’s not a good SEO practice and will likely get ignored by search engines.

@taropa - That is not correct. The value you are referring to is the new maximum for custom code embeds or custom code areas within Webflow. This was recently increased from 10k.

Webflow does not define a maximum amount of content that can be placed in a rich text field, which is commonly used for long-format blog posts and other content in a page or collection. If there is one, I have not heard of anyone encountering a hard limit. However, I have seen the designer get bogged down when huge amounts of content were added in rare cases.

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