Does deleting and re-uploading CMS items hurt SEO?


I have a collection full of CMS items that I use to create SEO pages. I need to delete those items from the collection and then re-upload them. Will this process damage my SEO?

Thank you!

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Hey, Matthew. Far from an SEO expert here, but I don’t think this will matter much, depending on how you approach it.

If you’re removing, and re-uploading, and the link stays the same for the collection item page, and you’re doing all of this before you publish, I don’t expect any change.

If you’re removing and publishing, and there is a period of time between that and re-adding the items, they will potentially have to be re-crawled (you can start this process manually in your Google Analytics dashboard though).

If the items will have different URLs, I think 301 redirects are generally the proposed solution there to assist in the transition from an SEO standpoint.

Hope this helps. Would love to hear about your experience with this when you’ve finished up.

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Thanks so much Chris! That all makes sense to me. I’ll update as soon as we have more info on our side.

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Hi Matthew, do you have an update for us? I am very curious!

Not yet! :slight_smile: On my to-do list though to try this out.

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