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Does 'body all pages' selector exist for tablet and mobile?

Hi, I’m using the Body (All Pages) tag to style the sizes of text and elements sitewide. I want to change the font sizes on this tag for each breakpoint, but the class selector won’t display anything other than Body (All Pages) for DESKTOP. Is there any way for me to select the tag for tablet and mobile?

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@pcanjjaxdcd Did you ever figure this out? I have the same question/issue and am coming up short on finding an answer.

Yeah but you have to select/got to the breakpoint first. And then select “Body (All Pages)”.

No this does not work. Navigating to a different breakpoint only gives ‘body all pages desktop’ as a selector. Clicking ‘body all pages’ automatically navigates me back to desktop breakpoint.

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I have adopted the practice of creating a ‘entire page’ container inside of the body that contains everything on the page. This allows me to kinda create my own selector that changes across breakpoints.
Am i missing something?

That’s highly odd. At first I thought “AHA! So you have to select the tag first, THEN change breakpoint.” But I tried it, and that didn’t work either. Thanks anyway. I can’t imagine why it isn’t working for me.

Try to remove the existing class and then try again. In my example Body has no class because all changes I do over “Body (All Pages)”.

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I figured it out! There must be a bug with the “all pages” tags. If you go to one of the affected breakpoints, click on the body and the delete the custom class there is a back button on the top left of the selector window. By pressing that it will generate the missing “all pages” tag for the view. But in order to make it stick you have to make a quick change while on the all pages class. Once it sticks you can put your custom class back on it. (See attached gif)

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