Does API integration and CMS IDs change when you transfer a site to another Workspace?

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So with client billing being phased out, we’re transferring a bunch of projects that clients had on our Teams account to their own Workspace accounts. We do have one or two big projects that rely on a lot of Zapier integration and another one or two where clients are using the API to push content to the CMS.

So, when we transfer these projects across, will the Zapier integration break? Also, what will happen to projects that have API integration when we transfer them? Finally, do the Collection List and Item IDs change?

Sorry, haven’t had to lot of practice with transferring projects that are this heavily integrated with other tools and client’s own inhouse tools and don’t want anything to break.

Howdy @J8kes

When you transfer a project from one Account/workspace to another, the Collection List IDs and Item IDs all remain the same. (They only change if you restore a backup).

However, any integrations will most likely need to be reconnected. API keys are reset to default when a site is transferred, and your Zapier integration uses oAuth specific to your account, so that would need to be reset.

Hope that helps. :grinning:

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Great, thanks a bunch, removes some worries.