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Does anyone know what the actual Lottie file size limit is on Webflow?

I need to advise the dev, however, I cannot seem to find any specific sizes in the university.

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This link speaks to the assets panel and image file limits:

It mentions that the maximum file size is 4MB for images and 10MB for documents.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Nicole, yes even on that page there is no specific size limit for Lottie, I suspect 4MB, however, bg video is 30MB, so who knows, I guess I will do some test uploads. The problem is, I have read, that unlike trying to upload for example, an oversized image, you do no get a file size warning with the limits for Lottie.

We will see…

Hi there!
I’ve also tried to upload a lottie-ainmation that was about 30mb, but it did not work out…is there any news on lottie animation file size limits?
It’s a pity that there is also no error-message like with regular image files

Any news here? I want to upload an exported Bodymovin BG video (json) file which is 30 MB and it doesn’t work. :woman_shrugging:t2: