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Does anyone know how to modify the contents of this blog stuff?

I’m having very difficult time to find out how to modify the contents inside of this “BLOG” thing :dizzy_face:

any help will be appreciated!!

What are you trying to do? If you describe what you would like to do, I’m sure someone can help you out.

It’s the contents inside of the BLOG that i’m trying to modify.

You didn’t chose the most simple template to modify (: Especially if you’re not quite skilled at Webflow.

This template works by hiding and showing things with interactions. So to begin with, content is hidden and moved out of the screen, and the author didn’t make it simple to edit the content. So you need to locate the contents in the Navigator, go up in the hierarchy to see what parent elements are affected by an interaction, determine what make them appear/disappear and reverse the effect during edition. I quickly dove into the navigator and as I didn’t build it it doesn’t make much sense to me.

When hiding a lot of stuff this way, there’s a possibility to allow very easy edit of content. By turning the real content element groups into Symbols, it’s possible to have a dashboard page with all Symbols visible, ready to be edited.

The main panels of the site can be shown up easily but it’s a bit complicated to find how the blog big dark panel opens.

You can watch me looking for it:

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@cloudmax - that’s one hell of a template you have there.
It’s a bit complicated - even if you are well-experienced with Webflow.

@vincent - (in your video) you actually brought up / captured an issue I’ve had with Webflow from day-one.

I’ve mentioned it to Webflow in the past.

In your video… there are a (many) “screen” class used several times…

  • within the screen class is a (many) “square” class.

I did the same thing you did - click on the element and traced the tree down to the specific class.

It’s a pain in the rear.

I wish there was “note” next to the class name

  • to help find identify the specific element I’m trying to track down.

See images.

I also wish you could make that panel wider or have the text wrap.

When you have embedded classes 6 or 7 levels deep (or long class names)

  • the text goes off the side of the page.
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Good one @Revolution!

It’s a bit too much of a structure, yep. You’re making very good points. In particular…


Edit: I think I’ve said it many times but a detachable Navigator would be a wonderful tool. I don’t know how difficult it is to make.

I love this template, however it’s not responsive, keep that in mind when working with it. Definitely a lot of state/display/margin setting changes need to made on elements to make any edits.

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