Does anyone know how to fix this bug with dropdowns still being selectable even while closed?

The dropdown filters for content type, styles, genre, etc, are all selectable even when the dropdown is closed.

Hi Evan. Still working through this one but did want to update you that it does seem to be an issue with the animation specifically – as soon as I remove this entirely, the dropdown functions as expected. Hopefully this at least gives you a starting point, and I’ll continue to dig down on this in the meantime.

edit – If I change the Scale option in the closing animation to scale to 0 (instead of 0.7), I can’t seem to reproduce this issue anymore. I don’t know if this is acceptable for you, and it’s a bit of a hacky workaround, but it seems to solve the problem.

Thanks for the tip, I looked at a previous version of the site where it was working, and that one did indeed have no scale animation. However, I’d like to keep it, and it must be possible since the top-nav dropdown is working with the same scale animation. Any idea?

Gotcha. Would you consider simply modifying the scale portion of the close interaction from 0.7 to 0? If not, I’m honestly stumped by this one. You have the element hidden at the end of the interaction, so it shouldn’t be available for a user to interact with. That’s how it works. Really strange. I’ll keep digging at it, and hopefully someone else can chime in with what we’re missing in the meantime.

I’m not sure either as I have been working on this for a while and I noticed the bug out of nowhere. I don’t think that I just missed it all this time and I’m pretty sure it was working before.

I just tried creating a new interaction (a copy of the old dropdown interaction without the scale attribute.) but it doesn’t fix the problem either haha. Neither does changing the scale property to 1 either. So I’m not even sure how you got it working on your end.