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Does anyone know how to design this in Webflow?

Hey guys
Here’s a site I like:

For that article, would anyone know how to implement that “whats this” feature on the left of the page?

It’s next to key terms and there’s only maybe 1 or 2 on each page. Would this be possible via Webflow CMS?

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Hi go to:

Go to “Interactions Collection Template” collection page in the pages panel. The slide out is on the left.

Hey @garymichael1313

Thank you for that. But could you get it to be different based off the phrase that is highlighted in the article?

So some articles would have it and some wouldn’t. And it can’t be fixed, it would need to be parallel with the position in the text

Well I think I understand. The only way I see it happening like that is on a “Collection Page”. Some articles could have it based on a filter, toggle. Is that what you mean?

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