Does anyone know a template for something like this? basically a conversion flow thingo


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You might want to look at a tool like Typeform for example. They support conversational forms with logic. Other than that your post is really thin on details so not much to go on. Good luck with your project.

If you’re looking for more design flexibility, you might want to look at Multi-page forms with the option to have multiple questions per page (and a whole bunch of other features). We also integrate with Webflow.

Disclaimer - I work at Fillout :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions!

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You can also use a Chat application with ‘canned’ messaging for the visitor to communicate with you. Then you can respond in real-time. You’ll also be able to create many variations based on the users input/responses. If you use a form, you’ll have to know what they will say, to some degree, a head of time. The form will get really complicated in the long run.

A chat app gives flexibility and growth with an organic adaptation over time. Most of these apps allow for an unlimited number of responses. Can be full page like a form, modal or corner widget. Plus, it can be built for all your devices to get easy communication on the go.

An other option besides a front end form requires coding a database and managing the script on a backend server.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I wonder how close ChatGPT is to directing and resolving a chat towards defined solution CTA endpoints.

Not sure, I don’t much about that one. I think any paid chat app that offers advanced messaging would be able to handle getting a client to the endpoint.

It’s OpenAI’s AI-based chatbot. It’s amazing, but not particularly goal-oriented yet. It doesn’t yet seem to be able to direct a user’s line of questioning towards a response. But that’s coming soon, I think we’ll start seeing it soon in a support, product-finder and even quote-calculator contexts.

GPT-3 was shockingly good, and Open-AI has just released 3.5 and is working on GPT-4.

Try this…

“I am a bodybuilder, eating 2300 calories per day. I am dairy-free and gluten-intolerant. Make me a meal plan using Japanese style ingredients.”