Does anyone know a fix / workaround for cms dropdownlists

Does anyone else have this issues and maybe found an easy workaround or fix?

i need to select one of my collectionlist pages.
I want to select the one named “Basisbekwaamheid BOA domein 3”
This is the list i can choose from :

Maybe you guys know a fix

i have this issues with almost all dropdowns in webflow cms


The names here are taken directly from your collection name > collection item name. I would either advise shorting these to something that is more readable and use a custom field with this text in (if it needs to be within the collection) or simply typing 3 should find the correct item; the search will do a text match so as long as there’s a number in the title your looking for it’ll find it.

Thanks for the tips and advice. But i cant go and change the names of the collecion field because that is the name of the course we sell i know i can make another field. So i have 2: a working name and a live site name. But that will cost me a field of my cms :frowning:

Also my wife made me a bit of custom code within 10minutes so now the dropdown is scalable and i can see the complete names. So this shouldnt be a hard fix for webflow if im honest

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