Does anyone have Tips and Tricks to the Parent / Child perspective?


I have been trying to learn all the ins and outs of Webflow and realized I have never really played around too much with the Parent / Child Perspective in the bottom right corner of the menu layout bar.

Anyone have any tips or cool tricks they can tell me on how it functionally works.

If you could lead me to a website maybe to show me it in action with a small explanation it would be great.

I really want to benefit from all the tools Webflow has to offer.



Hello @JibbyFlow

I also need to learn CSS Perspectives.

Some useful links:


I’m also going to take a good read on them. :slight_smile:

Obs.: That Webflow Doc page has broken images. Hope they fix them soon. Anyway, there you can find videos showing perspectives in action.

Thanks for this… Even just understanding that they are the 3D Transforms is huge. I read a page on them in Webflow and about to watch the videos.

Webflow should notate its how 3D works for people like me who don’t get it. I would have gravitated towards trying to learn it a while ago if I realized that is what it was in the editor.

I remember the press release or email they sent and was wondering where to find 3D transforms - I figured it was gonna be interactions but never located it.

Thanks you have been a huge help.

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Hope this help!


Cool Stuff. Thanks. Gotta get my code game right.