Does anybody know what are the units in the ecommerce API?


From the documentation I can see the dimensions of an item for example

            "count": 1,
            "rowTotal": {
                "unit": "USD",
                "value": 5500,
                "string": "$55.00"
            "productId": "5eb9fd05caef491eb9757183",
            "productName": "White Cup",
            "productSlug": "white-cup",
            "variantId": "5eb9fcace279761d8199790c",
            "variantName": "white-cup_default_sku",
            "variantSlug": "white-cup-default-sku",
            "variantImage": {
                "fileId": "5bfedb42bab0ad90fa7dad2e",
                "url": ""
            "variantPrice": {
                "unit": "USD",
                "value": 5500,
                "string": "$55.00"
            "height": 7,
            "length": 2,
            "weight": 5,
            "width": 4

However, there never seem to be any unit types for height, width, length, is there something I am missing here? Does anybody know how to access unit types within the API?